Dance Performance Dance Songs: An evening of dance inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s writings

Dance Songs © Clay Kelton

Fri, 27.05.2022 -
Sat, 28.05.2022

19 Uhr - 20 Uhr

Bangalore International Centre (BIC)

'Lately I looked into your eyes, oh Life, and I seemed to sink into the unfathomable…'
Ainesh Madan was bangaloREsident-Expanded@WeltKunstZimmer in Düsseldorf in 2021 and used his residency time to develop his practice and work on Dance Songs, which is inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche's writings. Dance Songs includes the residency piece and others in the series, all performed by the 206 Dance Collective.

Dance Songs © Clay Kelton Dance Songs is an evening of work that celebrates Nietzsche’s writings, with a particular focus on The Dance Song and The Second Dance Song from Nietzsche’s seminal work Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Without attempting to translate the text, Dance Songs abstracts and brings the essence of meetings between Zarathustra, Life, and Wisdom to the stage. Utilising traditional and contemporary compositional techniques, the work unpacks the capacity of dance for unfettered and honest communication, to investigate questions critical to human existence. 
Dance Songs features choreography by Ainesh Madan, music by Abhaydev Praful, costumes by Susan Fernandes/Sustainable Suz and Uli Schott, lighting design by Bharavi, visual design by Devika Sundar, animation/illustration by Joshua Sailo and performances by Anishaa Tavag, Ainesh Madan, Dayita Nereyeth, and Joshua Sailo.

The 206 Dance Collective comprises multidisciplinary artists, choreographers, and teachers (Ainesh, Anishaa, Dayita, and Joshua) with diverse performance backgrounds. They share an interest in exploring an organic, functional aesthetic through changing notions of contemporary dance. The humans of 206 have a strong desire for freedom and expansion, which they hone in their enquiries in various disciplines, and express through a range of creative outlets. With a strong focus on process, they acknowledge that the means can be an end in itself. Presence is at the heart of 206; their creations are by-products of their ongoing investigations of what it means to be human.

Dance Songs will be performed twice on May 27 & 28, 2022 at 7 p.m. at the Bangalore International Centre (BIC). Entry free. Limited seats. Register here.

The show is supported by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore.

For interviews or enquiries, contact Ainesh Madan at +91 9632733435 or