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Specialised Courses

For practicing special skills - online or in a blended learning format

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  • conversation & culture
  • grammar training
  • writing
  • other topics

Specialized Courses

Individual and Small Group Tuition

Courses for Individuals and Small-groups

In addition to our regular programme at the Goethe-Institut, we can offer courses tailored specifically for you or for a small group. You can come to us or we can send a teacher to you. 
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Corporate Courses

Corporate, individual and small group instruction tailored to your needs. Instruction can be held either at the Institut or on site. 
Duration 10 weeks
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German for Nursing Professionals

If you are a nursing professional looking to live and work in Germany, then this is the right course for you
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Any Questions? 044 2833 1644 / 0645 Get in touch: german.chennai@goethe.de