Eine zweisprachige Erzählung Paati’s Rasam

Paati’s Rasam_A bilingual Storytelling © Goethe Institut Chennai

Sat, 28.05.2022

16:00 - 17:00

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

A bilingual Storytelling

This is a to be heard story that encompasses all the flavours of life as in that of a rasam. Tangy and zestful the story is sure to touch a chord with all its listeners.

This is a storytelling session in English & German by Janaki Sabesh & Anjali Kothari! Paati’s Rasam is written by the mother-daughter duo, Janaki Sabesh and Dhwani Sabesh. We’ll be listening to this touching story on loss and grief while also learning a little German! 
We promise for an interactive session on this beautiful story about a little girl finding joy & meaning in her grandmother’s cooking.

P.S. – You can even get a signed copy of our book Paati’s Rasam at the event!

Age group: 4-12 years

All are welcome as per Pandemic Protocols*

*Pandemic Protocols @ Goethe-Institut Chennai
  • Final vaccination Certificate / RTPCR Test should be shown on request.
  • A thermal scanning will be done at the Entry.
  • Mask must be worn by all non-performers all the time.
  • Sanitizer Stands will be provided at appropriate points for use.
  • Entry and Exit into the performance hall will be organized one by one.
  • Physical distancing has to be strictly maintained on corridor and in the hall.
  • Access to other spaces in the premises is possible only on prior permission.
  • Air-conditioner will be @ 27-30 degrees, and Entry Door of the performance hall may be kept open.
If any member fails to observe the guidelines even after our request, they may have to leave the venue.
We look forward to your cooperation to ensure safety for everyone.