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Max Mueller Bhavan | India Mumbai

State of Nature: Dialogues© Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai

State of Nature: Dialogues

The aim of this three-day conference is to bring together a diversity of voices from across such disciplines as poetry, architecture, philosophy, anthropology, linguistics, activism, and art-making. By generating a constellation of perspectives and frameworks representative of the most current, contemporary thought in such domains as ecopoetics, habitat conservation and social justice. State of Nature: Dialogues hopes to invite its audience, not only into a consideration of the ecological and political urgencies at large in our global present, but also into an awareness of discursive, artistic, research and organisational strategies that are being crafted to address them.

Among the themes that form the focal points of the conference are the narratives concerning the interwoven questions of ecology, labour, livelihood, political and cultural representation, power and culture in a multi-species framework; vulnerable landscapes, at risk from human overreach; forms of cultural consciousness being evolved to engage with ecocide, urbanisation, and the marginalisation of communities and locales; architectural and planning reorientations to deal with the impact of runaway urbanisation and infrastructural expansion; and endangered occupations and livelihoods, under threat from anthropogenic interventions that generate alienation, asymmetry as well as social and environmental toxicity. 
This conference took place as a hybrid event.

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