as it rises into the air: listening in practice

What can listening transform into? This exhibition presents a series of propositions, in which the act of attentive listening is the central mode of engagement with and investigation into memory, archives, history and ongoing struggles so as to perceive silences and amplify voices amidst noise.
Curated by Juana Awad and Zeenat Nagree. Participating artists: Velibor Božović (Bosnia-Herzegovina/Canada), Raven Chacon (USA), Antje Engelmann (Germany), Natasha A. Kelly (Germany), Sandip Kuriakose (India), Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro (Gabon/Germany), Carlos Motta (Colombia/USA), Amol K. Patil (India), Pallavi Paul (India), Karan Shrestha (India/Nepal), Luisa Ungar (Colombia/Belgium), Hong-Kai Wang (Taiwan), Tobaron Waxman (Canada/USA)

Short biograpy of the participating artists: