Performance Dastan-e-Badi Banka - A tale of seven islands - Mumbai

Dastan Goi © Dastan Goi

Sat, 04.02.2023

15:30 hrs IST

Yeshwantrao Chavan Centre

Performed by Dhanashree Khandkar & Akshay Shimpi

Mumbai - not just a city but an entire world in itself. The megacity is cursed and loved simultaneously by the people staying here and the city tolerates, supports all those who come to her.

People with myriad caste, class, community, region and socio-economic backgrounds live in this metropolis. Running with the speed of local trains, keep this bustling city awake for 24 hours.

Mumbai is a kaleidoscope - appears different to different people. This city made off seven islands. A wish fulfilling island or a dream crusher.

Authors, poets, painters, all the artists are fascinated by its different colours and have painted various facets of Mumbai.

Mumbai is written about a lot. The labor movement, industrial empires, food culture, red light area, underworld, and whatnot.

This is an attempt to present to with some glimpses of these writings.....