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Young learners' courses

Experience German with all your senses and use it in role play, interviews and project work.

Illustration:  Jugendliche zeichnen und schreiben an eine Tafel.
  • from age 13 until age 17
  • online and interactive
  • prior knowledge optional

Fun way to learn German

Here's a great way for youngsters to spend part of their free time.. Learning a language can be exciting - as you will discover at the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan! Get to know others of a similar age and enjoy the experience of learning German together. With lots of online activities, fun interaction with  your fellow learners, learning through role play and much more... And at the end of the course, they can happily say: Deutsch lernen macht Spaß!

Our course offer

Young Learners' Course A1

  • from age 13 until age 17
  • A1
  • 14 weekends

Young Learners' Course A2

  • from age 13 until age 17
  • A2
  • 17 weekends

Young Learners' Course B1

  • from age 13 until age 17
  • B1
  • 20 weekends

Not quite what you are looking for? We are sure
that we have a suitable course to meet your needs.

Any Questions? +91 7291078599 Get in touch: languagecourses-delhi@goethe.de