Film Screening Rooftop Movie Night - Kaddish for a friend

Kaddisch für einen Freunden © SiMa Film 2010

Fri, 23.02.2018

Drama / Comedy

Director: Leo Khasin
colour, 94 min., 2010/11

plays against the background of a global conflict (Israel - Palestine). Guilt and forgiveness are addressed in the microcosm of a small interpersonal encounter, aspects of migration and neighborhood issues, mutual discrimination, and finally, the friendship between two members of different generations, cultures and religions wins.

The prejudiced thinking that people encounter on a daily basis is brought to mind. The film shows that the war between Jews and Palestinians is partly continued by immigrant families in Germany.

Brief Description:
Ali is new to Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. As a Lebanese refugee, his presence in Germany is hanging in the balance. The local tough boys put him to a test of courage: breaking into the apartment of an elderly neighbour, a Jewish-Russian immigrant. After doing this, Ali has to make amends with the old man to prevent his own deportation. A touching story of an unequal friendship.