Project St+art Mumbai 2017

#sassoondockartproject © St+Art Mumbai 2017 | Photograph by Pranav Gohil

Sun, 01.10.2017 -
Sun, 31.12.2017

Sassoon Docks

and Churchgate Station, Dharavi, Bandra and the western railways


Street Art Festival

The St+art Mumbai 2017 festival will be the introduction of a new format to the existing idea of the St+art Festival, by being more focused on individual projects and having a specific focus on urban and graphic design.
Besides Sassoon Dock, site specific projects will be done at different landmarks and areas of the city like Churchgate Station, Dharavi, Bandra and the western railways.

Berlin based artist Clemens Behr will create a work in Sassoon docks along with other international artists. These will be completed by November 11.

The opening of the work at Sassoon docks will take place November 10 at 5 pm.