Seminar Fwd: Re: Archive

The Archive as a Site of Production and the Future of Film Studies.

The Fwd: Re: Archive Seminar is the central event of a month-long gathering organised around the 10th anniversary of the footage archive, and the 5th anniversary of the film archive.,, and sister projects and have further invited a group of colleagues, collaborators and those taking similar jorneys to an event that traces the genealogies and branches of our collective endeavours, and loks to the future for how the archive looks like as a scene of production and scholarship.

Today, we are many: filmmakers, cinephiles, scholars, programmers, archivist-activists and post-big-data artists and thinkers. How can the archival technologies and institutions that we have been developing accommodate for unforeseen types of creation and production, and what conditions need to be established, inside, around and in between archives, to keep them radically open towards the many futures that they alreeady point towards?

The seminar is composed of an in-depth conversation format, a screening and performance program of assemblages drawn from the first week's workshop,k intertwined with future-looking scholarship and theory.

Saturday, 10th March, 3-8pm, Library, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhaven Mumbai
Sunday, 11th March, 3-8pm, G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture

To attend, please RSVP at