FILM / EXHIBITION / TALK Enchanted Networks - The Light of Asia

Enchanted Networks © Goethe-Institut Chennai

Fri, 19.07.2019

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

No.4 5th Street, Rutland Gate
600 006 Chennai

in cooperation with Alkazi Foundation for the Arts, CPB Foundation, Cinema Rendezvous, Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation & Serendipity Arts Foundation

ENCHANTED NETWORKS explores the interchange of images and idioms between Indian and German film makers and the birth of a new initiative that led to a movement of sorts in Indian cinema. The impact on the themes and treatments in Indian cinema could be felt immediately. Beginning with ‘The Light of Asia’, there were several films that underlined this cultural confluence. Themes such as discrimination, the notion of the nation-state, the contesting of societal norms and a sense of self within the whole were dealt with, using the melodramatic format and film techniques closely identified with Indian cinema today.

The three week event scheduled in July 2019 will see a rare confluence of a historic visual treat, in terms of screening restored classics such as Shiraz, Metropolis and Prem Sanyas.

A photographic installation of archival value, the shared narratives on screen revisited by the scions of the artists, a live musical interlude during film screening and insightful panel discussions on the confluences and divergences of art, cinema, nationalism and audiences will provide a treat of intellect imagery and introspection for the film fraternity, film scholars, filmmakers, film students and film buffs of Chennai. 

Conceived by Helmut Schippert, Director, Goethe-Institut Chennai and curated by K.Hariharan and Uma Vangal, Filmmakers and Film Scholars.