Performance Homemade Theatre

By Trimukhi Platform

Homemade Theatre is an in-situ theatre-dance-video performance in Santhali, Hindi, Bengali and English involving seven Santhal, one Bengali and one French artist from Trimukhi Platform. They will explore the possibilities offered by the spaces at Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata: using surfaces for video projections, angles and corners for body movements, floors for proclaiming texts by philosopher Gilles Deleuze, writer Peter Handke and novelist Gao Xingjian. To extend the space for interactions, to widen the time for relations, and, by doing so, to question, to enhance, that is to say to keep alive and creative, the ways Trimukhi Platform operates, rehearsals will be open to all and a workshop about strategies to combine multiple and diverse presences will be proposed— activities that require one to learn a bit of the Santhali language and few steps of tribal group dance. That is to say: other places to be “displaced”.


For the last 10 years, Trimukhi Platform, a Santhal/ Bengali/ French organisation, has been dedicated to producing contemporary art forms, building bridges between different human worlds and stimulating the invention of uncommon thoughts. It was founded in West Bengal by 18 families from the tribal Santhal village of Borotalpada, a social facilitator from Kolkata and an out of the ordinary French theatre director and philosopher residing in India. So far, Trimukhi Platform has organised seven Night of Theatre festivals, staged 11 theatre-dance-video performances, set up five sound installations and published three issues of Fabricate (Fabric of ) Arts • Fabrique de l’art.