Film Festival VROOOOM | Fast Track to the Future

VROOOOM | Fast Track To The Future © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi

Friday, 17 – Sunday, 26 March 2023

India Habitat Centre (IHC), Lodhi Road

VR Filmfestival | Curated by Ulrich Schrauth

From 17-26 March 2023, you will have an opportunity to open your eyes to a whole new world!

Explore works by the most innovative and interesting filmmakers worldwide using Virtual Reality, or 360 filmmaking, to convey powerful stories.

The medium of Virtual Reality has long been conceived as a purely technological advancement, but these incredible projects by renowned creators and artists are examples of how storytelling in the 21st century can shift the way we perceive our reality and how these works impact our everyday lives.

Presented in partnership with VRHam and Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi.

Experience 15 films spread across four thematic sections:
UNCERTAIN TIMES - Fighting for Freedom
These powerful projects explore how to convey politically and socially relevant stories through new digital media. How can we interact with those stories, how can we learn from history? Experience how these experiences shift your understanding of reality and how they empower you to see another, fresh side of a story. Virtual Reality, often conceived as an “empathy machine”, really has the power to facilitate understanding across borders and even impact government decisions.

Films in this section:
Child of Empire
By Sparsh Ahuja, Erfan Saadati, Omi Zola Gupta, Stephen Stephenson
UK 2021, 17min, Language: English, Hindi, Urdu, Age recommendation: 12+

You Destroy. We create. 
By Felix Gaedtke, Gayatri Parameswaran Germany/Ukraine, 2022, 20min, Language: Ukranian with English Subtitles

On the Morning You Wake (To the End Of The World) 
By Jamaica Heolimeleikalani Osorio, Mike Brett, Steve Jamison, Arnaud Colinart, Pierre Zandrowicz
UK-France-USA, 2022, 38min, Language: English, Hawaiian (with English subtitles)

The Man Who Couldn’t Leave
By Singing CHEN
Taiwan, 2022, 34min, Language: Taiwanese, Chinese (with English subtitles)

FRESH PERSPECTIVES - Female and non-binary creators in VR
Explore cutting-edge immersive storytelling, created by the most inspiring female and non-binary artists from all over the world. With emerging technology often perceived as a predominantly male domain, we want to challenge this preconception and present a selection of works by international and local artists.

Films in this section:
By Bambou Kennethm
UK, 2022, 10min, Language: English

The Choice
By Joanne Popinska
Canada-Poland, 2021, 25min, Language: English

(HI)story Of A Painting: The Light In The Shadow
By Quentin Darras, Gaëlle Mourre
UK, 2022, 15min, Language: English

IMAGINED REALITIES - Animation and Painting in a new digital age
New tools and technological advancements have revolutionized the way painters and sculptors work in digital media: artists can create non-linear stories in three-dimensional layers, viewers can interact with animated environments and literally step into the sketch book of an artist. Explore and enjoy unbound creativity without any bodily limitations!

Films in this section:
Midnight Story

By Antonin Niclass
UK, 2022, 10mins, Language: English

Rock Paper Scissors
By Alex Rühl
UK, 2022, 7min, Language: English

From the Main Square
By Pedro Harres
Germany, 2022, 19min, Language: no dialogue

For every movie made, dozens of pictures remain missing forever. Missing Pictures gives directors a chance to tell the story that would otherwise never be told.

Missing Pictures is a five episode immersive documentary in VR that features five different directors. Each unique in their own way, the episodes reflect the character and experiences of the director through animation and by implanting the director (via volumetric capture) into the virtual world. The series is at once an homage to the world of movie making via a look into the complicated process of bringing a film to life, and an important addition to the canon of cinema history as an archive and a bridge builder between traditional 2D and VR storytelling.

Films in this section:
Episode 1: Birds Of Prey | Abel Ferrara

Episode 2: The Seven-Story Building | Tsai Ming-Liang

Episode 3: The Monkey Wrench Gang | By Catherine Hardwicke

Episode 4: Father Is Gone | By Lee Myung-Se

Episode 5: Oh Debu | By Naomi Kawase