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FencePhoto (detail): Edwin Remsberg © mauritius images/age fotostock

European Perspectives on the War in Ukraine
Life in Exile

What does it mean to live in exile, forcefully displaced from one’s home? In this collection of articles, European writers offer a glimpse into the reality of life as a refugee from the war in Ukraine. Everyday details — dishes piled in the sink, food left to rot in the freezer — give shape to the abstract implications of being uprooted.


More About Living in Exile

In the podcast series THE BIG POND, journalists tackle a wide range of German-American subjects from a fresh transatlantic perspective. In these episodes, the producers explore two vastly different topics related to living in exile: a community of German artists who found refuge in California and the prized possessions that immigrants brought with them to U.S. Listen below.

Thomas Mann ETH Library Zurich, Thomas Mann Archive, unknown photographer

German Artists in Southern California
Villa Aurora and Thomas Mann House in Los Angeles

During the Nazi regime, many German artists and intellectuals found refuge in Southern California. In Los Angeles, the homes of authors Lion Feuchtwanger and Thomas Mann still inspire transatlantic art fellows today.

Migration © Chris Gash

Memories of Home
The Things We Brought

A stitch, a book, a hat. Katie Davis speaks with immigrants about the items that they brought to the U.S. from their home countries — and the special meaning that each of these souvenirs holds.