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Humboldt Magazin Ⓒ Anna Azevedo

A Collection from South America

What do we dream of? This question is at the center of the Humboldt Magazin’s new issue. Which daydreams, pipe dreams, and nightmares determine our present? Students, cultural critics, and artists from South America share their thoughts in this collection.

Zeitgeister Keyvisual Illustration: © El Boum

Global Online Magazine

This online magazine invites experts, artists, and authors to take part in a joint exchange. It offers local and global perspectives on postcolonialism, sustainability, post-digital cultures, feminism, and current affairs.

Hannah Arendt - Thinking is Dangerous

Hannah Arendt
Thinking is Dangerous

The dossier about Hannah Arendt’s conception of thinking explores this aspect of her work and life through art, dialogue, performance, play, music, and silence.

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