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The Neue Nachbarn Kochbuch (i.e. New Neighbours Cookbook) Photo (detail): © Andrea Gehwolf

Tested: “Neue Nachbarn Kochbuch”
Many cooks enrich the soup

Together with seven cooks from refugee countries of origin, star chef Tony Hohlfeld and restaurant critic Robert Kroth have cooked, experimented, and developed brand-new recipes. How well suited are the star chef’s “50 Rezepte für mehr Miteinander” (i.e. 50 recipes for greater togetherness) for our own kitchens?

Books First Cover © Goethe-Institut

Books first

The Goethe-Institut is bringing German-language literature to a US audience through a series of literary events and author talks. Publishers are encouraged to apply for translation grants to make their favorite German books accessible to English-speakers.


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