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Diverse Perspectives on Techno
Techno Worlds

As a global phenomenon, techno has not only shaped music history, but has also set impulses that influence contemporary culture, art, pop culture, media consumption, and technologies. Beginning in May 2022, Centre PHI, Société des arts technologiques (SAT), and the Goethe-Institut Montreal present TECHNO WORLDS, an exhibition at the intersection of music, art, pop, media, and technology in relation to the multifaceted techno scene. After the summer, the exhibit will travel south via Houston, New York, Boston, and Los Angeles.

Park Dossier Teaser William Jameson


Parks are found around everywhere and oftentimes offer insight into society. But how do we use them? How do they differ from one place to another, from the United States to Germany? We invite you to join us on a multimedia journey through parks!

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