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Part 1: Remembering the Darkest Chapter

In Part 1, the teams explore Germany's remembrance culture (Erinnerungskultur). Watch as the students find the courage to interview the remarkable Holocaust survivor, Margot Friedlander, and walk in the final steps of Holocaust victim, Alfred Israel Berger. What can we learn from the darkest chapters of history?

Part 2: Germany and the Cold War

In Part 2, team “Blue Bears” becomes surprise guests of honor of a Cold War hero at the famous Tempelhof airport while team “Yellow Submarine” meets a former border guard and Berlin Wall escapee. Both teams are faced with the question, can one person change the course of history?

Part 3: Shaping Germany's Future

In Part 3, join the teams as they explore how Germany’s youth is shaping the country’s future. One team leaves Berlin to experience new technologies at the heart of Germany’s most important industry while another team discovers how Fridays have become more than just another day of the school week. Which team will win "The German History Scavenger Hunt”?


In what ways did the Berlin Airlift affect relationships in the Cold War?