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Futurium Berlin© Photo by Maximalfocus on Unsplash


JUNE 24, 11:00 AM EDT



It all begins with a question: “How do we want to live?”

And the fundamental conviction of the Futurium is that all possible futures are the result of our decisions and our actions.

With more than 5000 m² on three floors, the museum is divided into three main areas: Exhibition, Forum and Lab. The Exhibition area presents various different options for the future in the thinking spaces dealing with Humans, Nature and Technology. The content and design of the exhibition are intended to inspire us to develop our own standpoint on contentious topics. The Forum is intended to encourage communal dialogue in a meeting of science, politics, culture and civil society. The Lab is a place for trying things out, where visitors of all ages can play with future tech and work on their own inventions in creative workshops.

The discussion will led by Antonia Kapretz who will introduce the audience to Berlin's newest and most exciting musuem. Antonia Kapretz, education enthusiast at the Museum Futurium in Berlin, is an expert on the digitalization of educational content for schools, kindergartens and parents as well as a coach for advanced trainings for teachers and others in the pedagogical practice. She has a degree in Product Design from UdK Berlin, studied creative writing at NYU and mastered Otto Scharmer’s MOOG “Changing Society, Business and Self”.

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