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Science on Stage Wide© Photo by Dawn Lio on Unsplash

Science On Stage

JUNE 10, 11:00 AM EDT



Science on Stage Europe is a network for STEM teachers focusing on the exchange of best practice teaching ideas. The ultimate goal is to improve STEM teaching by supporting educators in their professional development and growth.

By spreading innovative teaching concepts among Europe’s science teachers we enable more students to gain the affordable skills they need for a challenging future and encourage them to consider a career in science, ICT or engineering.

A key to make students capable of dealing with challenges of tomorow is a motivated and skilled teaching staff.

That's why Science on Stage supports the professional development of STEM teachers through trainings, exchange programs and the Science on Stage Festival. In this way, they can acquire new skills they can use practically in their classes.

Additionally teachers should not only communicate their expert knowledge to the students but help them gain various soft skills such as problem solving and team work Science on Stage presents practical examples of how this can be managed despite restrictive curriculum demands via workshops all across Europe.

At the workshops, teachers learn how to gain more autonomy in their lesson planning by testing alternative teaching methods and working together with colleagues on interdisciplinary topics.