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Intercultural Communication Training

How do you sensibly raise awareness in intercultural settings? Become a cultural ambassador by joining our three-week-long intercultural training, specifically designed for teachers. Learn new strategies that will empower you to act professionally and efficiently in intercultural settings.​

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Course language: English.
Time: Three weeks 
Format: 100% Online (synchronous and asynchronous; two online-live meetings; dates and times discussed druing the first week
Your input: 10 hours max. 
Fees: 199 USD; scholarships available 


Week 1:  Notions of culture: How we organize the world: Perception / Stereotypes / Intercultural Perspectives
Week 2: How we communicate with the world: Communication / Misunderstandings
Week 3: How we work with the world: Cooperation / Cultural Values

Courses are offered according on a rolling basis. 


Ajkuna Hoppe
Educational Liaison