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German exams

You can certify your language skills by taking a Goethe-Institut German exam.


Film screenings, exhibitions, lectures, concerts, readings and more - see all the event that the Goethe-Institut Chicago is hosting in Chicago and and the Midwest!

About us

We promote the study of German abroad and encourage international cultural exchange.


Logo Wunderbar Together

Until October 2018
Year of German-American Friendship

Throughout 2019, the campaign "Wunderbar Together" will travel across the entire US, bringing with it a collection of events and exhibits to highlight the unique importance of transatlantic relations.

Goethe Pop Up Kansas City

Goethe in the Crossroads
Goethe Pop Up Kansas City

Through art exhibitions, music, dance, and theatre performances, film screenings and more, the Goethe Pop up Kansas hopes to serve as a platform for an exchange of shared values and ideas between German and American artists. Stop by for German literature and newspapers, children’s activities, language clubs, and more.

Minneapolis Skyway System

Goethe in the Skyways
Goethe Pop Up Minneapolis

Disruptions, Interruptions, Misruptions, Soundruptions – the Pop Up in Minneapolis offers a year-long program of artistic actions, interventions, and manifestations in public, semi-public, and private space.