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MONDAY, 06/06/2022   SATURDAY, 06/11/2022  
A1.1 5:30pm CST  A1.1 9:00am CST
A1.1 7:00pm CST  A1.1 12:30pm CST
A1 7:00pm CST  A1 11:00am CST 
A2 5:30pm CST  A2 12:30pm CST
Children, ages 6-8 5:00pm CST  B1 12:30pm CST
Children, ages 9-11 5:30pm CST  B2/C1 11:00am CST
    Young Learners, ages 12-17 11:00am CST
If you have not taken any classes with us and have previous knowledge of German, a free evaluation is the pre-requisite for attending a trial class. Please let us know your language level or if you need a free evaluation.

If you are a complete beginner, your level is A1.1. 

To register, please send an email with your name, preferred class and time to:


A&I - Art and Innovation

Do you find it exciting to work on innovative, artistic projects with other young people to shape the future of tomorrow ? If so, our AI - Art & Innovation Summer Camp is perfect for you!

Trial Classes and Placement

To reserve your spot in a trial class, please send an email to:

Complete Beginner? A1.1 is your class level!

Already know some German?

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