Project Management, Digitalization and Sustainability

The videos in English and German and are also available with Arabic, English, German and Spanish subtitles.

Gesa Birnkraut

1/3 Evaluation as a Matter of Change

What do we mean with evaluation?

2/3 Evaluation as a Matter of Change

Measuring impact is the new hype in cultural funding.

3/3 Evaluation as a Matter of Change

The more you evaluate the better you will get.

Nishant Shah

1/3 Logics and Logistics of Co-Creation

Co-creation is not new. In fact it is so old that we had forgotten all about it, and had to reinvent it.

2/3 Logics and Logistics of Co-Creation

Our digital futures are going to have to deal with attention, reputation and gift as new currencies.

3/3 Logics and Logistics of Co-Creation

How we resolve identities around co-creation and sharing is going to determine the futures that we occupy.

Sacha Kagan

1/3 Arts Organisations and Sustainability

Arts organizations need to consider their environments under the integrated perspective of multidimensional sustainability.

2/3 Arts Organisations and Sustainability

Arts organizations are especially indicated to engage with the cultural dimension of sustainability.

3/3 Arts Organisations and Sustainability

Arts organizations are liable to respond to the multiple constituencies inhabiting their environments.

Gabrielle Schleijpen

1/3 Consistency and Contingency

Building an institution means living that institution.

2/3 Consistency and Contingency

Reform your art organization by means of an exploration of its potential to affect and transform its users.

3/3 Consistency and Contingency

Infrastructures are art too! Authorship at different moments needs to be shared, or conversely, claimed.

Leonie Hodkevitch

1/3 Expressing a project's identity

Each individual has a dream. So do teams, they have collective wishes. Transforming dreams into visions and their strategic equivalent – the goal – is our point of departure.

2/3 Expressing a project's identity

The 4 Ps of the marketing mix are the four directions of our project – product, price, placement, and promotion.

3/3 Expressing a project's identity

Putting the four components together helps using our strengths to balance our weaknesses and keep in mind the perspective of our audience.

Annett Baumast

1/3 Arts management and sustainability

A lot of approaches of project management can be imported into the management of cultural projects.

2/3 Arts management and sustainability

Through the pro-active integration of sustainability into artistic and cultural projects, it is possible to highlight virulent issues and create awareness.

3/3 Arts management and sustainability

Artists and cultural organizations provide possible answers to today’s global and local challenges.

Stephanie Hankey

1/3 Art, Technology and Activism

The politics of data when society is in transition.

2/3 Art, Technology and Activism

How to create an experiential adventure in the political sphere.

3/3 Art, Technology and Activism

How do you work with activists who are trying to work with artworks?

Yemisi Mokuolu

1/3 Strategies for cultural organizations

With digital technology people from across the globe are within reach.

2/3 Strategies for cultural organizations

Cultural managers need to think about being entrepreneurial and create a global cultural network of people with financial skills.

3/3 Strategies for cultural organizations

If you really want to engage audiences, be the audience.