Internships in Glasgow

The Goethe-Institut Glasgow offers a full-time internship with a monthly expense allowance for university students in at least their 3rd semester.

Due to the legal situation, the Goethe-Institut can currently only employ interns who meet one of these requirements:

  • Visa through the Erasmus Programme (the Goethe-Institut will support you in putting together the necessary documents in the case of an internship confirmation)
  • Pre-Settled or Settled Status according to the UK EU settlement scheme
  • Indefinite leave to remain
  • British or Irish citizenship

If you are interested in an internship you may apply using the online application form for the dates shown below.

You will get an insight into the work of the Goethe-Institut - at least in part. Applicants should phrase their interest in such a way that a connection with the Goethe-Institut's work in their chosen field becomes apparent.

Read on to find out about requirements, the different areas of operations and positions available.

Further Information for Interns

Due to the legal situation, the Goethe-Institut can currently only employ interns who meet one of these requirements:
  • Visa through the Erasmus Programme (the Goethe-Institut will support you in putting together the necessary documents in the case of an internship confirmation)
  • Pre-Settled or Settled Status according to the UK EU settlement scheme
  • Indefinite leave to remain
  • British or Irish citizenship
The Goethe-Institut Glasgow offers full-time internships for a period of 3-6 months. Currently, the following internships are on offer:
INFORMATION (COMMUNICATION & LIBRARY) 2023: still to be announced  stba
ADMINISTRATION second part of 2023 stba
CULTURE 1 Mar - 30 June 2023 31.10.2022
TEACHER SERVICES January - March 2023
March - June 2023
LANGUAGE COURSES DEPT January - March 2023
March - June 2023

You can apply for an internship beginning at the start date mentioned lasting for a minimum period of 3 months.  According to operational requirements and in consulation with the team leader the internships may be extended in some circumstances. 

If you would like to apply for an internship at the Goethe-Institut Glasgow, please fill in and submit the online application form (in German).

Please note: You can only apply for an internship during the period stated above. By receiving your application we presume that you are available to start on the given date although the end date may be more flexible after discussion with the relevant department.

Applications intended for dates other than those stated above can unfortunately not be considered.

We look forward to receiving your application!
To complete an internship at the Goethe-Institut Glasgow applicants are required to:
  • Have very good German language knowledge (minimum level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
  • Have good knowledge of the language of the host country
  • Have started a university degree (being in at least the 3rd semester) in humanities, business administration, law or information sciences which will result in a diploma, master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, PGCE or postdoctoral qualification
  • Be willing to take on a full-time internship with an average of 39 working hours per week
  • Complete a mandatory internship which forms part of the degree course
  • Have a particular interest and some experience in the chosen department
  • Have an interest in all areas of the Goethe-Institut and be willing to undertake routine tasks
  • By applying for an internship the applicant assures that the internship confirmation handed out by the Goethe-Institut Glasgow is acceptable to the applicant's home university as part of their individual  degree course.
We offer internships in the following departments:
  • Information and library department
  • Language department
  • Culture department
  • Administration department
An interest in the relevant department of the Goethe-Institut Glasgow is crucial. We regret that we cannot offer internships in any other areas (i.e. language teaching)

The different tasks and requirements for these departments are described in the corresponding sections below:

Information (Communication & library)

The Information and Library department is responsible for looking after the Goethe-Institut’s Glasgow online presence (including social media), our foreign language library, the literature programme and for various events for learners of German.

In the Information and Library department interns can
  • Support the Institut’s social media activities and contribute to content creation for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  • Contribute to developing, writing and editing content for the website and get to know our content management system
  • Advise visitors of our German language library and carry out independent research
  • Assist with events and support the development of digital formats for various projects
We expect from interns:
  • Very good command of English and German (spoken and written)
  • Affinity for Social Media (especially Instagram, also Twitter and Facebook)
  • Creativity and openness to developing new ideas
  • Strong communication skills
  • Willingness to work flexible hours
  • Willingness to complete routine tasks in the library
  • Experience in creating visual and editorial content for social media would be desirable
Under certain circumstances we might be able to offer this as a digital internship, should Covid19-related restrictions prevent a candidate from working in Glasgow.

Language department

The language department at the Goethe-Institut Glasgow consists of two different areas: language courses and examinations and German educational cooperation.

Language course office

The Language Course Office organises language courses of all levels for adults and conducts language exams which are accredited worldwide. We advise our customers about courses and exams in person, over the telephone and via email. Our activities additionally include compiling advertising and teaching materials.

Interns in the Language Course Office can:
  • Get an insight into the language course department e.g. by helping with course enrollment, customer service and the Institut’s centralized examinations
  • Create promotional materials
  • Occasionally observe language lessons (please note this internship does not have a focus on lesson observation)
  • Help plan and carry out supplementary activities for language course participants
  • Take part in language department meetings and where required contribute to projects of the Teacher Services department
We expect from our interns:
  • You are a university student (minimum in the 3rd year)
  • A distinct interest in theoretical and practical aspects of German as a Foreign Language
  • Willingness to work with German teachers and course participants
  • Willingness to provide customer service
  • Willingness to work independently
  • Willingness to carry out routine tasks
  • Very good English language skills
  • Very good computer skills (MS Office: confident use of Excel, Word and PowerPoint), experience with layout and graphics packages would be an advantage
  • Willingness to work flexible hours

teacher services

The purpose of the Teacher Services department is to promote the teaching of German as a foreign language in primary and secondary schools in England and Wales. To this end, we work together with British partners as well as representatives of other European countries. We sit on committees, cooperate on projects, implement language policy, plan training courses, put on events, distribute teaching materials, advise teachers, create promotional materials and provide information over the internet.

In the Teacher Services Department interns are offered:
  • An insight in to the British school system
  • The opportunity to plan and carry out activities for schools
  • The chance to adopt their own set of duties to be undertaken independently
  • The opportunity to plan and carry out promotional activities e.g. exhibitions
  • Participation in meetings of the language department and when necessary contribution to language course projects

We expect from our interns:

  • You are a university student (minimum in the 3rd year)
  • An interest in education policy/educational issues in the host country 
  • An interest in pedagogical and didactic issues
  • Willingness to work with school pupils
  • Willingness to carry out work independently
  • Willingness to carry out routine tasks
  • Very good English language skills
  • Very good computer skills (MS Office: confident use of Excel, Word and PowerPoint), experience with layout and graphics packages would be an advantage


As part of its cultural collaboration work the Goethe-Institut facilitates dialog, meetings and exchange between artists and academics from Germany and Great Britain concerning developments and tendencies of significant importance. This is enabled particularly by the cultural events programme organised by the Goethe-Institut and its cultural partners but also through informal meetings with the country’s artists and intellectuals. The focus of the Culture Department is contemporary culture from Germany.

The internship in the Culture Department lasts at least 3 months.

In the Culture Department we offer interns:
  • An insight into the drafting and implementation of German-British cultural collaboration
  • Assistance with the organisational preparations and execution of the cultural programme in the areas of literature, exhibitions, film and media, music, dance and theatre
  • Where possible, the opportunity to take on individual tasks to be completed largely independently

We expect from our interns:

  • Good knowledge of the German culture scene
  • Very good English skills
  • Willingness to complete routine tasks
  • Willingness to work flexible hours


The administration department of a Goethe-Institut is responsible for the areas of finance (budgeting), controlling, personnel management and support, personnel and contract law as well as property administration. The Goethe-Institut London is the leading institute for the area of North West Europe and as such steers and supports the work of all institutes in the region.

Students or graduates of public or business administration may apply.
An internship in the administration department lasts at least 2 months.

Interns in the administration department will gain an insight into these tasks through involvement in:
  • Planning, developing and monitoring the budget of a Goethe-Institut
  • Human resources including contract drafting and wage and salary calculation
  • Building maintenance and facility management
  • Deployment planning, personnel management and development
  • Accounting with the aid of SAP as well as the Goethe-Institut’s internal financial systems
  • Structures and procedures of the organisation
  • Regional coordination tasks

Interns in the administration department stand out by having:

  • A willingness to contribute practically to administration, service and organisational tasks
  • Experience with IT applications (Microsoft Office and SAP amongst others)
  • An open, friendly manner and ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • Good English language skills
  • Willingness to work flexible hours and to take on routine tasks
So that we can reach a decision quickly and smoothly, we would ask you to only apply to the positions advertised.

To do so please fill out the online application form in German and submit this directly to our Goethe-Institut.

Please attach the following documents to your application:
  • CV
  • Certificates of exam results
  • Letter of recommendation (from a university lecturer. The letter should be maximum one A4 sheet of paper and should give a personal impression of your academic performance, should confirm that the internship is part of your course and should explain why you are suitable for an international internship)
  • Certificate of enrolment from your university
We are unable to accept applications submitted without all required documentation.
An expense allowance of €300 gross per calendar month will be paid for internships of at least 4 weeks. For periods of internships which do not cover a whole month, a pro rata payment will be made. This is an expense allowance which is to be used principally to cover partial travel and accommodation expenses.

Please check before you start your internship that you are fully covered by your health insurance provider in Germany or via the Erasmus-contact. Please check that you also have accident insurance for the duration of your internship.

Please also note when making plans that living costs in Scotland are higher than in Germany.

Applicants should seek to arrange travel and accommodation for the internship in good time. The Goethe-Institut can merely offer advice for finding accommodation and how to get to Glasgow from the airport.
Due to the related costs and the time consuming nature of obtaining a visa the Goethe-Institut Glasgow is not in a position to apply for visas on behalf of interns.

Please establish beforehand if you require a visa or a work permit. More information about visas and work permit requirements can be found here:

Britische Botschaft Berlin
Working in the UK
The Goethe-Institut Glasgow is located in Park Circus, in Glasgow's west end.

Arriving from Glasgow International airport to Glasgow city centre

Busses go every 10 mintures from outside the terminal building at bus stop 1. Travel time: approx. 20 minutes

Glasgow Airport Express Service 500

The following website offers all necessary information regarding arrival as well as further information for your stay in Scotland:


Further information about getting to the Institut can be found on our contact pages.
Please be aware in advance that living costs here are somewhat more expensive than in Germany. Although we can in some cases be of some help in finding a place to live, interns are ultimately responsible for finding their own accommodation.

We could potentially enquire about free rooms with landlords/guest families on your behalf with due notice. Please be aware, however, that we take no responsibility for the outcome of such enquiries. It may be the case that you have to get in direct contact with the landlord; we can provide you with the contact details.

If you would prefer to live with people of your own age, a flat or house share would definitely be more suitable. Advertisements are mostly posted in shops. We would recommend that you stay for the first few weeks in a hostel and then search for a place to stay when you arrive.

The official youth hostel is 2 minutes away from the Institut

Glasgow Youth Hostel
8 Park Terrace, Glasgow G3 6BY
Tel: +44 141 3323004


Euro Hostel
318 Clyde Street, Glasgow G1 4NR
Tel: +44 8455 399956

For students who have recently been accepted on to the internship programme, we can post a “room-wanted” advert on our notice board. Please email us the necessary details on an A4 page, ready to be printed directly (please also list specific requirements e.g. non-smoker/smoker etc).

Below is a list of websites which our previous interns found very helpful (the Goethe-Institut is liable neither for the accuracy nor the completeness of the information on these websites).

​Easy Roommate

Glasgow Gumtree

Glasgow's West End

Spare Room

At the end of the internship the intern is to submit to their supervisor a short report on their experience, summarising the course and content of their internship as well as personal experiences and evaluation.

The internship supervisor should preferably have the opportunity to carry out a feedback meeting with the intern.

Before departure, interns can request a letter from the Goethe-Institut to confirm their participation in the internship programme in which it is certified during which period and department the intern was trained. As a general rule an evaluation of skills demonstrated does not take place.