Internships in London
For university students

Do you study at university? Do you want to to immerse yourself in a German working environment and improve your German language skills? Is an internship (in Germany) part of your study programme? Then apply for an internship at the Goethe-Institut in London! 

The Goethe-Institut London has openings for students to undertake either a full-time or part-time internship with a monthly expense allowance. This is a great opportunity for university students in the UK who would like to work in an authentic German setting and enhance their German-speaking CV.

Please note: As Erasmus visa support for interns in the UK ends in March 2023, currently, we cannot offer internships for students that do not fullfill one of the following requirements: 

  • British or Irish citizenship
  • Pre-Settled or Settled status under the UK's EU settlement scheme
  • Indefinite leave to remain 
Please direct questions to:

Departments and Activities


The Language Department consists of the Teacher Services Department and the Language Course Office.

The purpose of the Teacher Services department is to promote the teaching of German as a foreign language in primary and secondary schools in the UK. To this end, we work together with British partners as well as representatives of other European countries. We sit on committees, cooperate on projects, implement language policy, plan training courses, put on events, distribute teaching materials, advise teachers, create promotional materials and provide information over the internet.

The Language Course Office organises language courses of all levels for adults and conducts language exams which are accredited worldwide. We advise our customers about courses and exams in person, over the telephone and via email. Our activities additionally include compiling advertising and teaching materials.

In the Language Department interns are offered
  • Supporting the Language Department team planning and carrying out activities for schools
  • Marketing tasks e.g. support with promotional exhibitions, social media & website management
  • Participation in meetings of the language department
  • Administrative tasks e.g. postage and sending promotional materials to teachers, data management, answering email enquiries
  • Giving information and advice on the courses offered at the Goethe-Institut both via email and phone in German and English
  • Supporting role when planning and conducting examinations of the Goethe-Institut and the TestDaF examinations
  • Registering students with the database system of the Goethe-Institut
  • Supporting role for teachers and employees of the language office, especially in the first two weeks of the semester and at the end of the semester
  • Liaising with teachers when providing participation certificates for students
  • Organization of data retrieved from course evaluations
We expect from our interns
  • An interest in education policy/educational issues in the UK
  • An interest in the organisational process of a language institute
  • Willingness to work with school pupils
  • Willingness to work with adult students
  • Willingness to carry out work independently
  • German language skills (B2)
  • Very good computer skills (MS Office: confident use of Excel, Word and PowerPoint), experience with CMS and layout and graphics packages would be an advantage
In the Information and Library Department we offer interns the chance to
  • Get an insight into the Goethe-Institut’s work in information services
  • Co-develop digital formats for project and events work
  • Contribute to the development of our online portal
  • Contribute to projects concerning promotion of translation, information sharing and networking
  • Support the Institut’s social media activities
  • Support and get to know the Institut’s press and public relations work
  • Advise visitors and carry out research independently
  • Get to know the internal library system
We expect from the Interns
  • Basic knowledge of librarianship, information management or digital media and communication
  • Creativity and conceptual participation
  • Very good command of English and German
  • Affinity to Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Good knowledge of the multimedia media scene
  • Willingness to work flexible hours
  • An open and friendly manner
The internship in the library lasts at least 3 months. Since we receive many enquiries about completing internships in the Information and Library Services department, applicants who have to complete an internship as part of a communication, media or library and documentation studies degree will be given priority.

Important information for applicants

Please read all the information provided before applying through our online application form.

To complete an internship at the Goethe-Institut London applicants are required to:
  • Have started a university degree in humanities, business administration, law or information sciences 
  • Be willing to take on a full-time or part-time internship in London
  • Have a British or Irish citizenship, pre-settled or settled status, or indefinite leave to remain
 Possible start dates: 
  • 29.08.2023
  • 08.01.2024
  • Language course office
  • Teacher services department
  • Information and library department
Internships can be either three or six months long and should commence on one of the start dates indicated above. The exact start and end dates may be flexible after discussion with the relevant department. 

An expense allowance of €450 gross per calendar month will be paid for internships of at least 4 weeks. For periods of internships which do not cover a whole month, a pro rata payment will be made. This is an expense allowance which is to be used principally to cover partial travel and accommodation expenses.
The Goethe-Institut London is located in South Kensington. Details can be found on our directions webpage.
The nearest tube station is South Kensington on the Picadilly line (dark blue), District line (green) and Circle line (yellow).

Finding Accommodation
Although we can be of some help with finding accommodation, interns are responsible for finding their own place to stay. We can also post a ‘room wanted’ advert on our notice board for students who have been accepted for an internship (shortly before the start date).
Below is a list of websites which our previous interns found very helpful (the Goethe-Institut is liable neither for the accuracy nor the completeness of the information on these websites)

Spare Room
Student Housesharing
Move Flat
At the end of your internship, you are obliged to write a report which serves as the basis of confirming the completion of your internship.

As a rule, an evaluation of the internship is not completed but can be compiled if required. Please request this letter of evaluation in plenty of time with the internship supervisor. It is not a legal requirement to provide such a report.
Please use the bottom below to apply for an internship via our online pplication form. 

Please attach the following documents to your application:
  • CV
  • Letter of recommendation (from a university lecturer. The letter should be maximum one A4 sheet of paper and should give a personal impression of your academic performance, should confirm that the internship is part of your course and should explain why you are suitable for an international internship)
  • Optionally: Certificate of enrolment from your university
  • Optionally: Certificates of exam results
We are unable to accept applications submitted without all required documents. The optional documents can also be provided at a later date.