Film Yesterday Girl

Yesterday Girl © Yesterday Girl

Mon, 04.12.2017


Goethe-Institut London

Alexander Kluge’s debut feature and a key film in the Young German Cinema movement, it tells the story of Anita G. (Alexandra Kluge), a young East German refugee who immigrates to the West hoping for a ‘brighter future’ and reap the benefits of the so-called Wirtschaftswunder. She drifts from job to job, eventually falling into a life of petty crime. Kluge mixes together a whole range of unconventional narrative devices to craft a film full of Godardian wit and self-reflexive mischief.

West Germany 1966, 88 min, b/w, digital version, German with English subtitles. Written and directed by Alexander Kluge. Cinematography by Edgar Reitz, Thomas Mauch. With Alexandra Kluge, Alfred Edel, Günther Mack, Eva Maria Meineke.

This screening is part of the event series Neue Welt: Radical Visions in New German Cinema