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Movements and Moments © Marishka Soekarna

Feminists Generation
Movements and Moments

The narratives of feminism are still written from a predominantly white, western perspective. While feminist claims and positions from the Global North are, up to this day, sidelined in a patriarchal mainstream, the same holds true to a much broader extent for feminist movements from the Global South.

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Movement and Moments© Aua Mendez


is a trans Indigenous artist from Amazonas who uses her works as a tool of speech and politics forthe marginalized trans, black and Indigenous body. As an independent graphic designer, illustrator, graffiti artist, performer, makeup artist and experimental photographer, she keeps speaking out in different ways; using dimensional, three-dimensional, analog, and digital supports. The question that she brings up seeks to retake her speech space, which is massacred by the cis normativity of the existing white standard.


Movement and Moments © Urvashi Butalia is a feminist writer and publisher. She co-founded Kali for Women, India's first feminist publishing house, and is currently Director of Zubaan, an imprint of Kali. She has a long involvement in the women's movement in India and writes and publishes widely on issues related to women and gender. Her best-known published work is the award-winning history of Partition titled “The Other Side of Silence: Voices from the Partition of India” (1998). She is currently completing a new nonfiction work on the life of a transwoman.


Maya© Maya


sees herself as an “enabler”. In 2009 she began as a freelancer for a number of arts and music organizations, festivals, and individuals. These included ruangrupa, Jakarta Biennale, and Toko Keperluan by Anggun Priambodo, all of which benefited from her diversity of roles and responsibilities. In 2011 she joined ruangrupa officially as Manager of RURU Corps, a ruangrupa business unit along with other arts organizations. Maya joined the staff of Goethe-Institut Indonesien in 2016 as a cultural program coordinator with a focus on visual arts and discourse.

Sonja Eismann

Movement and Moments © Sonja Eismann is one of the founders and editors of Missy Magazine, a feminist bi-monthly on politics, popular culture. Over the past 12 years, she has published eleven books, among them “Hot Topic. Popfeminismus heute” (“Pop Feminism Today”, 2007) and “Ene Mene Missy. Die Superkräfte des Feminismus” (“The Superpowers of Feminism”, 2017). She regularly writes and lectures on topics such as the representation of gender in popular culture, feminist theory and activism as well as the utopian potential of fashion, and she teaches at universities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


Movement and Moments© Johann Ulrich

Johann Ulrich

Johann Ulrich founded avant-verlag in 2001. The publishing house focusses on comics and graphic novels for lovers of modern graphics, art and literature by a diversity of creators, including Zeina Abirached, Leila Slimani and Liv Strömquist. In 2008 he was honored as “Aventurier de la culture” by the French Ministry of Culture. The publisher received the “Max and Moritz Special Prize” for its services to the maintenance of cultural heritage in 2016, and in 2020 it was awarded the “German Book Prize”.