The force awakens
Museum of the future

  • Museum of the Future: Debate Photo: Goethe-Institut / Varun Sharma
    Dr. Leonhard Emmerling moderating a discussion with Shuddhabrata Sengupta and Prof. Dr. Christoph Menke.
  • Dr. Kavita Singh and Prof Romila Thapar Photo: Goethe-Institut / Varun Sharma
    Moderated discussion with Dr. Jan Völker (left), Dr. Christine Litz (centre) and Prof. Kavita Singh (right).
  • Intro Dr. Emmerling Photo: Goethe-Institut / Varun Sharma
    Dr. Leonhard Emmerling, Director Programmes South Asia, presents the opening remarks for the inaugural edition of the Museum of the Future.
  • Dr. Christoph Menke Photo: Goethe-Institut / Varun Sharma
    The talks were attended by students, curators, museum professionals and academics interested in the discussion around the future of the museum.
  • Dr. Christine Litz Photo: Goethe-Institut / Varun Sharma
    Dr. Christine Litz: “In order to be enlightening…[the museum of the future]…needs to be free jazz, a mental liberty of action and therefore needs to be addressed as a first-person-narrative.”

What will the museum of the future offer to its audiences? And what will the audiences require from the museum?

The museum of the future will be an event-location; a place for entertainment and fun; a place to meditate and contemplate; a place of joy and laughter and to experience silence or awe. In addition, the museum of the future can be a place of teaching and learning, of affirmation and opposition, of agreement and protest, of compliance and disagreement, of pleasure and rejection. But, most importantly, the museum of the future will be a political space.

It will be a public space, an agora, used by the citizens to debate and to discuss. It will be a space where emancipated subjects meet and dispute on how to find ways to narrate the stories of their past and of their future.

What needs to be done, to establish the museum as a political space? How to conceive the museum as an institution to serve the citizenry? What do we think of, when we think about the “political”? And how does the museum engage with the idea of freedom and emancipation?


The contributions of the participants of the Museum of the Future comprise individual papers. Each iteration of the project will present a variety of viewpoints from different contributors looking at a range of aspects and questions about the idea of the ‘Museum’. Each episode of the project will also be accompanied by a printed mini-edition of the papers that will be publically distributed.