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Games and Politics© lalesh aldarwish

Global Gaming

Games are part of life. People play in order to understand themselves and their environment. Since then, there is computer, it is of course used to play. It gives a new aesthetics and new forms of the game that have evolved. Video games have become an asset that enables a global networked industry gains billions in profit. But video games have long since established themselves as their own art form too. Artists use the medium to release the latter’s functionality for observation and explore the limits of the game. Game designers turn to new topics and audiences. And the major museums are discovering the computer game as a cultural asset to be collected and preserved.

Online Games

Games from the Mixer © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

Games on Digital Literacy

Video games can be both fun and educational. With our five latest games on digital literacy, you will playfully learn how to stay safe and navigate the online world.

Gaming as Career

A BEGINNERS HANDBOOK TO GAMING © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

Articles on Gaming
Handbook to Gaming

If you too are a gamer in the making, and questions on education, career, migration, and more puzzle you, our pearls of wisdom from the industry maestros will give you a head start!

The Gaming Scene