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Seeing Masculinity through the Lens

Together with our partner CPB prism, we are developing a programme for teenagers, in which they get to learn about photography and explore questions on masculinity and gender at the same time. While the participants get to experiment with expressional formats of the art form, they can also explore notions of masculinity and age old images that come with it. At the end of the 12 week long programme the children would have acquired basic skills in photography and also would have explored the theme of masculinity in their lives on various levels.

The outcome of this project would be a manual on photography and masculinity that can be used by anyone who wants to conduct the workshop. The manual offers a complete program with exercises and instructions. Everyone who is interested to explore masculinity via the medium of photography is invited to use the manual, which is registered under creative commons.

If interested, kindly contact Goethe-Institut Chennai or CPB Prism

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The education wing of the Chennai Photo Biennale (CPB) Foundation, CPB Prism aims to foster a community that inspires curiosity and self-expression. Rooted in the promotion of media and visual arts, their work is driven towards making voices heard, storytelling, building awareness and community, and delivering change.
This year, with the support of Goethe-Institut Chennai, their work centers around the topic of masculinity. The first workshop based on the theme was held at Manal Magudi Theatre Land, Kovilpatti with the objective of exploring masculinity and gender roles with children of ages 11-15. Find a blog and a short video about the workshop here.
They now continue to further our research and develop an Educator’s Guide to help educators address key ideas, stereotypes, and the many connotations of the word ‘masculinity’ with children of ages 10+ through visual art. Detailing a 12-week program, the curriculum is designed to embolden children to ask more questions about what it means to be ‘real man’, empowering them to challenge patriarchal ideals with confidence and nudging them in the direction of healthier relationships.
See more of their work here.

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