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Delhi Main Image Still - Männerbilder© Nidhi Kol

M3: Man, Male, Masculine

Behind Delhi’s veneer of green and open spaces, bustle, architecture and history, lurks an aggression. Delhi is one of the most unsafe cities for women, for ethnic and sexual minorities in India. This uber-misogyny is even brandished with pride in some quarters as a sign of ‘strength’. What makes this city so angry and intimidating?  Through the project Man, Male, Masculine (M3), Goethe-Institut, New Delhi undertakes a series of cultural interventions to understand and challenge masculine aggression.

About the Project

How to be a Boy © Desmond Roberts

How to be a boy

How to be a Boy is an arts-based program for children designed around film screenings to facilitate conversations and build an understanding of what masculinity means. Using curated films from different countries as resources, each session will encourage conversations around a particular experience of masculinity and how it intersects with other areas of social experience and behavior. The program will be conducted with a selected group of 30 children (all genders) who will be taken through all the sessions, to build an incremental understanding of the diverse meanings and experiences of being a boy.

Short film: "A Real Man Would Never..."