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The project aims to discuss current visions of masculinity across the gender spectrum in India and Bangladesh through various cultural and educational activities.​

About the project

Masculinities in...

Understanding Masculinity

Männderbilder - Masculinity & Power © Goethe-Institut Chennai

Masculinity and power

The connection between masculinity and power is a topic that is omnipresent in the discussion about different forms and ideas of masculinity. When analyzing different constructions of masculinity, the focus is always on looking at different structures of power and oppression that men exercise and to which they are subject. According to this, men are holders and representatives of power, but at the same time they are also objects of structural power.

Männerbilder - Performing masculinity © Goethe-Institut Chennai

Performing masculinity

Masculinities - its various forms, symbols, habitus – are inherently performed, in public spaces or at home, as everyday routines or as conscious enactments.

Männerbilder - How to tackle the topic? © Goethe-Institut Chennai

How to tackle the topic?

What image of men is conveyed in our society today? What shapes and influences young men and their perspectives and leads to their masculine performativity? An approach to gender roles through game theory, gamification elements as also sociological perspectives.

Masculinity in the Media © Goethe-Institut Chennai

Masculinity in the media

Masculinity in the Media is a project towards examining the verbal (and body) language in the media, both online and offline.

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