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M3: Man, Male, Masculine

Is masculinity a victim of its own social norms?

That masculinities are shaped by social, cultural and religious concepts has been widely accepted. However men’s enactment of masculinity from a social generational perspective is rather an unexplored area. The bi-national collaboration project of DAAGI Art Garage sheds light upon normative cultures of masculinity.


About the project

Short Film: " A real man would never..."


DAAGI Art Garage © DAAGI Art Garage

The Daagi Art Garage is a collaborative and supportive collective, comprised of seven Dhaka-based artists working across a variety of disciplines. Officially founded on friendship and common perceptions, members took a studio space together where they could meet, make work, share ideas, and solve their own and others artistic problems, inspire and support each other.
Having formed close working relationships through their ongoing conversations and creative exchanges, with each member contributing his own viewpoint, the group exposes new depths within their chosen themes, while diversifying their own thinking.

Sumantra Mukherjee © Sumantra Mukherjee

Sumantra Mukherjee is an independent freelance artist, who divides his time painting in his studio and sharing his artistic creations and expressions in community and public spaces engaging people. He also does illustrations and graphic novels for children, posters, murals and sculpture using mixed media for initiating dialogues between the arts and common people through their responses and expressions.

Project Unlearn © Project Unlearn

Project Unlearn is a passion project of a few zealous individuals. They develop and implement classroom-based, early intervention programs that empower and motivate young boys to tackle harmful masculine norms in Bangladesh.

The program follows the journey of young boys and uses techniques such as role modeling, working through scenarios, creating safe spaces, and positive behavior settings to allow the unlearning to occur. The techniques are designed to intrinsically motivate them to empower themselves, as well as those around them. The goal is for this program to become a part of every young boy's life so they can learn to unlearn what holds them and their society back.