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Our Team

We want to talk with you about masculinity and gender. In order to do so, we started the conversation by asking about "real men." We don´t really believe in the concept of "real men", "true men", "natural men" or any such thing. But we are also human and answering -without hesitation, the question "what a real men would never do" made us realize, that deep down inside us we all still have beliefs and ideas about masculinity.

Männerbilder© Abhishek Chaudhury
 © privat

Goethe-Institut Delhi
Erdmuthe Hacken

Susai Susai

Goethe-Institut Chennai
Susai Arokiam

Sharmin Shoma Goethe-Institut Dhaka

Goethe-Institut Dhaka
Sharmin Shoma

GL © Goethe-Institut Chennai

Goethe-Institut Chennai
Geetha Lakshman

Mrinaalini Goethe-Institut Chennai

Goethe-Institut Chennai
Mrinaalini Narain

Katharina Görgen Goethe-Institut Chennai

Goethe-Institut Chennai
Dr. Katharina Görgen

Geetha Vedaraman Goethe-Institut Chennai

Goethe-Institut Chennai
Geetha Vedaraman

Md. Mamun Ar Rashid Goethe-Institut Dhaka

Goethe-Institut Dhaka
Hassan, Khandaker Md. Mahmud

Anita Mitra Goethe-Institut Kolkata

Goethe-Institut Kolkata
Anita Mitra

Renu Jamgaonkar Goethe-Institut Pune

Goethe-Institut Pune
Renu Jamgaonkar

Akshay Kshirsagar Goethe-Institut Pune

Goethe-Institut Pune
Akshay Kshirsagar

Sharmistha Sarker © Goethe-Institut Kolkata/Photo:Amritendrani Banerjee

Goethe-Institut Kolkata
Sharmistha Sarker

Nancy Schneider

Astrid Wege © Goethe-Institut Kolkata/Photo Sharmistha Sarker

Goethe-Institut Kolkata
Astrid Wege

Neha Saraswat © Neha Saraswat

Goethe-Institut Kolkata
Neha Saraswat