• Beatboxing © Jochen Weber
  • Beatboxing ©Goethe-Institut
  • Beatboxing ©Kai Myller
  • Beatboxing ©Thomas Papaterpos

Hello folks, my name is Caramelo. I am musician, singer and also beatboxer from Munich, Germany. Since many years I am recording songs and experimenting with my voice. My brother and I found the band Raggabund. We had many festival concerts and tours through Europe and other parts in the world. 2 years ago The Goethe-Institut invited us for a tour through whole India. This was really awesome, and now we have the opportunity to meet all of you through a virtual platform for some Beatbox lessons. I will show you how to use your mouth, lips and tongue for making some funny beat sounds and noises. Join me for some interesting exercises and to learn something about the origin of Beatboxing. I’m looking forward to meet you.