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About VITAMINT-Exchange

An exchange program between German and South Asian schools on "STEM".

PASCH promotes educational pathways in the German language, provides impulses for the future and supports students on their way to university, to a career in Germany. Against this background, the promotion of STEM subjects and digitality and the proximity to the economy is of decisive importance not only for PASCH pupils and their career paths but also in view of the lack of STEM specialists on the German labour market.

The PAD, a department in the KMK secretariat and partner of the PASCH initiative, and on the other hand as a representative of the institution that is patron of "MINT Zukunft schaffen", supports the project, as it is responsible for schools in Germany due to its federal competences.

The aim of the cooperation is to jointly promote the topic of STEM and digitality at schools and to create youth encounters within the framework of student exchanges in which pupils from South Asia and Germany work together on various tasks in this field. The exchange is initially planned in digital form and later on analogue students exchanges or encounters in youth camps are to be made possible. In this way, school students from SAS and Germany can learn from each other at different levels. On the one hand, there is the social and intercultural aspect, on the other hand, there is the linguistic aspect.

VITAMINT-Exchange Events


17.05.2021 - 21.05.2021


From 17.05.2021 to 21.05.2021 we will organise a digital camp for our students participating in VITAMINT Exchange prorgam in cooperation with Besucherdienst Deutschland.

At the digital school camp on the subject of STEM, everything revolves around the topics of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. At the same time, the focus is also on fun, exchange and international encounters.

In interactive workshops, participants learn the basics of filming and editing from a professional filmmaker. They will contribute their own films to a film accompanying the camp.

Also planned is an online experiment at the School Lab Berlin of the German Aerospace Centre on the topic of planetary research.
In a workshop at the Arithmeum Mathematics Museum in Bonn on the subject of cryptography, the pupils will learn about different procedures for encrypting and decrypting secret messages. 

The Futurium Berlin introduces participants to the topic of robots and sensors. EV3 robots in the Futurium can be programmed and controlled live from home.


23.11.2020 - 21.01.2021


In November, the workshops on Artificial Intelligence will begin for our teachers and school students of the VITAMINT EXCHANGE. VITAMINT EXCHANGE is a network of German and South Asian schools that plan MINT projects and initially implement them digitally.
In the workshops, selected core concepts of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and examples for the curricular use in class are discussed.
Teachers thus receive suggestions for thematic project planning and deal with the following points, among others:
  • Core concepts of AI with background materials and worksheets
  • Gradient method (interactive game for experimenting)
  • Neural networks (definition, architecture, examples)
  • Understanding vs. skill (example Nim game and Chinese Game Room experiment)
  • Reinforcement Learning (learning through feedback, example of a virtual learning robot)
  • Ethics and philosophy of AI
For school students, the following topics are on the programme:
  • Build your own AI - with cups, pens and paper
  • Gradient Descent - Find the treasure with and without AI on the seabed
  • Ethics of autonomous vehicles - how would you decide?
  • Carrot and stick - how a robot learns through rewards
  • Music and AI - playful experiments with an AI, become a piano virtuoso with AI support
  • Perspective AI - a discussion game about technologies and their impact on society
  • We need to talk about AI - Read a comic about artificial intelligence and discuss its content with others
The workshop is held in German or English as standard.

All IMAGINARY trainings and workshops are conducted by scientists, who have experience in international work with schools and universities, especially with German as a foreign language.


Schulpartnerschaften und Jugendbegegnungen zu MINT und Digitalitem in Südasien und Deutschland

Promoting and Implementing Digital STEM Education is an important topic in Germany and in PASCH schools abroad. PASCH promotes education in German language by laying the foundation for future and supporting the students in their path to study, have a career in Germany. In the view of this promotion of STEM subjects and digitalization is not only vital for PASCH school students and their career path, but also in view of lack of Professionals in STEM field in the German market. The Goethe-Institut New Delhi is since 2020 in close contact with the association “MINT Zukunft schaffen”.

The association runs under the patronage of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Important companies and trade associations are represented on the board of directors and board of trustees of the association. The PAD, a department of the Secretariat of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany (Kultusministerkonferenz) , also represents all the institutions under the aegis of „MINT Zukunft schaffen“, endorses this project being the federal authority for the schools in Germany.

The aim of the cooperation is to promote together STEM and Digitalization in school and to establish youth meetings in context of school student exchange, wherein the school students from South Asia (SAS) and Germany collaborate on various tasks in this field. The exchange /youth meetings is initially planned in a virtual format and later analog school exchanges or encounters in youth camps will be made possible. In this way, students from SAS and Germany can learn from each other on different levels. On the one hand, there is the social and intercultural aspect, on the other hand the linguistic one. The focus is on the exchange on STEM topics.

VITAMINT-Exchange Schools

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Veronika Taranzinskaja
Project Head
Schools: Partners for the Future (PASCH)
Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi
Tel.: +91 11 23471306
India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and Nepal

Vibhuti Sukhramani
Project Coordinator
Schools: Partners for the future (PASCH)
Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi
Tel.: +91 11 23471315