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Indo-German School Exchange

It is important for young people to think outside the box in order to develop personally. Leaving their comfort zone and entering new territory plays a special role in this. This is what a school exchange can offer.

Such projects not only help students to build their personalities and strengthen their self-confidence. They also learn empathy, respect and tolerance while forming global friendships. International encounters also lead to the elimination of stereotypes and can further motivate students to learn a foreign language.

Within the framework of the Indo-German School Exchange, we want to connect schools from India and Germany so that fruitful exchanges can be organised together. We work together with the Pädagogischer Austauschdienst of the Kultusministerkonferenz (PAD) to build a strong network of schools.

We are aware that a school exchange can also bring hurdles and obstacles, which is why we want to accompany schools in this endeavour and support them as much as possible. In the long term, we strive to establish intensive partnerships between schools in India and Germany.

Virtual Exchange

Exchanges between students do not necessarily have to take place in a physical setting. Online opportunities also offer the possibility to create unique experiences together. Below you will find a range of materials on different topics, all of which have been created by experts. Feel free to use them for your virtual exchange.


The material for the virtual exchange is divided into 9 interesting topics. Under each topic you will find many different tasks for exchange in German and English. These can be carried out and combined freely according to your wishes. All materials were created within the framework of GAPP (German American Partnership Program) and adapted for the Indo-German School Exchange.

Social Media

Social Media

Students explore the impact of social media on their lives and consider what it means to have an online presence in this digitally connected world.



Students reflect on their awareness of themselves and the diversity in their classroom and environment.

IGSE - Musik


Students will learn what is topping the charts in India and Germany, share their favorite music, and work together to write their own songs.

IGSE - Bullying


Students will learn more about their similarities and differences as they become advocates for one another.

IGSE - Alltag

Everyday Life

Students learn how everyday life in Germany compares to India.

IGSE - Essen

Food & Nutrition

Students learn about the food preferences and consumption habits of their partners and test their skills in a cooking challenge.

IGSE - Sport


Students will discuss the role that sport plays in their own lives, in their school, and in the society at large.

IGSE - Nachhaltigkeit

Sustainable Living

Students will reflect on the environmental impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as their own personal carbon footprint.

IGSE - Politik

Coming Soon
Capitalism / Socialism

Students will learn more about capitalism and socialism as they relate to the former East Germany,​ the Federal Republic of Germany and India


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