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Future of Education & Skilling
School Leaders' Conference 2022

16.06 - 19.06.2022 | Thailand

After a long pandemic break, we are happy to organize again a regional conference for school leaders in South Asia. From 16.06 - 19.06.2022 we invite school leaders from India, Pakistan, Iran, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh to a fruitful exchange. Thailand has been chosen as the venue because it is easy for people of different nationalities to meet there. 

The Future of Education and Skilling. This is the theme of our conference. With education decision makers from the region, the possibilities of introducing vocational orientations in schools will be addressed, best practice projects will be presented and together we will discuss what course has been set for the future of education, especially in the time of the pandemic. Representatives of various universities and institutions will provide information on special programs for graduates of South Asian schools in the academic as well as in the vocational field. 

PARTICIPATION is by invite only. 

More info and a detailed program will follow soon.

If you have any questions feel free to contact