Panel discussion A_I_Opera - AI as a total work of art

Künstliche Intelligenz und künstlerisches Schaffen © Franck V / Unsplash

Fri, 11.10.2019

6:30 PM

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore

Panel discussion with Christoph Faulhaber

In collaboration with the India Week Hamburg 2019, we present a panel on the different perspectives and possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), conceived and facilitated by German artist, performer and filmmaker Christoph Faulhaber.

Participants, originating from the field of AI-driven software production, will present their vision, perspective and AI-designed products: What is their potential and innovative power?
The focus will also lie on the development of AI from an artistic perspective, i.e. bringing together documentary and artistic elements, for example, where four participants sit in the middle of the space around a 360°/VR-camera. The 360°-video provides a visual, conceptual and immersive introduction to the invisible yet mighty influence of the new technology. The panel is however, conceived as an open-to-the-public event.

The discussion will continue on broader issues:
Compared to AI leaders in Silicon Valley and China, India is a laggard. But is that true? According to, a start-up tracker, nearly 300 start-ups are using some form of AI. Among dedicated AI-only Indian start-ups there are solutions to multiple industries: production, communication, retail and logistics, e-commerce, mobility, traffic, security, healthcare, education, fashion design, social relationships.

AI may worsen a major socio-economic headache for India: employment. According to a 2016 World Bank report, automation may be a threat to 69% of the jobs in India. Will the potential of AI and the growing demand for its products possibly outrun the threat of unemployment? Or will it widen the ‘digital divide’ and the asymmetrical conditions of the ‘global south’?
Apart from the economic threat, the event should reverberate with the possibilities of the new technology. What visions, ideas and hopes reflect in their products? How can AI be made palpable, tangible, visible or conceivable? To what extent will it change our daily lives? Is the impact of AI somehow similar when compared with the rise of the internet in the 1990s?

Are we about to enter a post-AI era, following the post-internet era? Will AI take over the leading role in digitisation? How will it change the visual and performative aspects of arts and culture? What will be the outcome in terms of work, well-being, freedom and democracy?

Christoph Faulhaber © Angela von Brill Christoph Faulhaber:

"Christoph Faulhaber (born June 17, 1972 in Osnabrück) is a Hamburg-based artist, performer, filmmaker and author who is best known for his socially critical projects, which always cause a sensation."

"He is an eclectic artist who bridges media, medium and technology, with a current project focus bridging AI and art."


Mira Swaminathan © Mira Swaminathan Mira Swaminathan
(Programme Officer at Centre for Internet and Society)
Mira is a programme officer at Centre For Internet and Society. She has a bachelor of law degree from School of Law Christ University, Bangalore. At CIS, she works on outputs relating to  Regulatory Practices. She was a legal researcher for the Columbia Global Freedom of Expression Project and an alumni of the 19th Annenberg Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute.

Shweta Mohandas © Shweta Mohandas Shweta Mohandas
(Policy Officer at Centre for Internet and Society India)
Shweta is a Policy Officer at the Centre for Internet and Society. Her areas of work and interest include Artificial Intelligence, Privacy and Intellectual Property Rights and India’s policies surrounding these issues.

Anurag Priyadarshi Anurag Priyadarshi Anurag Priyadarshi 
(Founder & Lead AI Engineer at Scientist Technologies | Member of AAAI)

"Anurag is passionate about original AI research in India and works on getting industry and academia to collaborate on research."

"One of the primary areas where his startup is focussed is AI for road safety. By analysing accident prone areas using computer vision, Scientist Tech helps urban planners and transportation agencies in making better and safer cities. His firm also has experience hunting down Internet bots." 

Vagaram Chowdhary © Vagaram Chowdhary Vagaram Chowdhary
(Founder of
Vagaram is a Chartered Accountant and MBA from IE Business School, Spain. He has worked as a finance consultant over 6+years at Big4 consulting firms prior to founding Inuvest technologies.

Inuvest is a social trading platform which connects individual retail investors to professional traders and trading robots built using AI and ML. Our proprietary tool takes the pain of coding away from expert traders and simplifies the algorithmic trading for everyday investors. Inuvest creates transparent opportunities for both traders and retail investors, free from boundaries of traditional trading. Our mission is to democratize algorithmic trading for all.