Installation Postal Modernism 2.0

By Renuka Rajiv

The project is an ongoing work between the months of August - December, growing in quantity across the same months. Strips of text are installed by different local participants across the common areas of the Goethe Institut.

POSTAL MODERNISM 2.0 involves text, post and people. Over the course of the year, parcels containing strips of text and cut-outs will be posted and then installed at the venues. The hope is for the contents of the parcels to grow exponentially with each successive parcel. Each time a parcel arrives, different people in the cities will be invited to install the works. Spaces such as corridors, corners, around the corner, edges, bathrooms, kitchen and cafe area will be prioritized; locations where a small encounter can perhaps be unexpected.


Renuka Rajiv has had an interest in making things since childhood, exploring drawing, paper mache, tie-dye and stitching. They studied digital video production at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (with Honours) majoring in printmaking at Victorian College of Art, Melbourne. Since then, their work has reconnected with the childhood interests of playing with fabric and paper. Most themes and content in their work is personal, which includes the compulsion towards the hand-made. Their work inhabits a space that accommodates the imaginative, observational and autobiographical. Since 2012 they have been exhibiting regularly in group and solo shows.