Friday Film The trouble with being born

The trouble with being born © PanamaFilm

Fri, 15.07.2022


Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata

Director: Sandra Wollner
2020, colour, 94 minutes

Elli is no more a 10-year-old girl than Emil is a boy. On the contrary, they are artificially created reproductions of dead children, projection screens for the desires and memories of the people around them – and for those people's fears, abysses and impulses.

Sandra Wollner
Born in the Steiermark region of Austria in 1983. Her debut feature film, "Das unmögliche Bild", won the German Film Critics Association Award in 2019. "The Trouble With Being Born" is her graduation film from the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg.

Source: 70. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin (Catalogue)

For age group 18 years and above.

Friday Films are the monthly screenings of German films at the Goethe-Instiute / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata. One film is screened every third Friday of the Month from 6.30 pm in the audirtorium of the Goethe-Institut. All films are in German language with English subtitles.