TestAS is a central standardised scholastic aptitude test which measures intellectual abilities particularly important for university studies.TestAS is intended for study applicants from non-EU countries planning to do undergraduate studies at German universities.

Commissioned by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), TestAS was developed by ITB Consulting, Bonn, and TestDaF Institute, Hagen. The project was sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

What are the benefits of TestAS?

  • The university can select the candidates who best fulfil the requirements for a subject.
  • Test takers get to know the typical requirements of the subject they want to study.
  • The TestAS result enables applicants to realistically assess their chances of successfully completing their studies at a German university.
Please inquire at the website or the International Office of the university you are applying to as to whether TestAS is one of the admission requirements for your chosen field of study.Incription and payment of fee only online on www.testas.de

Fee (paper based/ digital): 150,00 €


Examination: 22.02.2024 (paper based)
Online registration: 01.11.2023 - 11.01.2024

Examination: 27.04.2024 (paper based)
Online registration: 02.01.2024 - 18.03.2024

Examination: 20.06.2024 (digital)
Online registration: 02.01.2024 - 10.06.2024

Examination: 19.10.2024 (paper based)
Online registration: 02.01.2024 - 12.09.2024

Examination: 19.11.2024 (digital)
Online registration: 02.01.2024 - 11.11.2024