Five Million Incidents | Music/Performance/Party Queer Futures Potluck Party

Queer Futures Potluck Party © Shaunak Mahbubani & Vidisha- Fadesha © Shaunak Mahbubani & Vidisha-Fadesha

Saturday, 7 September 2019, various timings

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi

With Shaunak Mahbubani & Vidisha- Fadescha

One year after the reading down of Section 377 by the Supreme Court a lot has changed in the landscape of India, while from other frames nothing has really changed.
Queer Futures Potluck Party takes this moment to celebrate a hard-fought victory for equal citizenship, acknowledge the participation of multiple agents in our journey so far, and collectively contemplate the future of our movements. How do we orient our fight to support queer peoples that are now at further risk because of new constitutional amendments? We seek to understand this through an evening of performance, poetry, drag, and free dance. The site of the Party is one of community gathering, political utterance, and affirmative care. Let's demand more spaces where we are free to revel in our gender and identity expressions. What does an atmosphere where liberty and consent can thumkha together feel like? We look forward to co-creating this vibe with you. This Party is about being nice. 
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