Five Million Incidents | Simulation ​Moments before the Fall

Moments Before the Fall © Pranay Dutta © Pranay Dutta

Sunday, 1 November, 21:00 - Wednesday, 4 November 2020, 21:00

Online Kolkata

By Pranay Dutta

Moments Before the Fall is a simulation of ecological conditions generated by numbers and codes. It stages the generation of a cumulonimbus cloud that eventually deteriorates into a cloudburst. The incident unfolds over 36 minutes of simulated time expanded into 72 hours in real time. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) with its increasing role in governance and policy related to climate change and ecological regeneration, nature is experienced (or imagined) through a tutored/perceptive machine brain. The coding takes numbers to develop measures and create approximations.

The project will be distributed over three-days.

Each moment within the simulation is unique and does not repeat itself over the span of the project. During the three-days the livestream will serve as a site composed of the technical and scientific construction and deconstruction of a cloudburst.