Smarter Digital Realities Residency

SDR 2021 Design: Malavika P C © Sandbox Collective

Mon, 30.08.2021 -
Fri, 31.12.2021

Online & Offline

Smarter Digital Realities offers select participants from four Asian cities - Bangalore, Dhaka, Mumbai and Pune - the opportunity to reflect on digital change from an artistic perspective. The project is conceived and conceptualised by Sandbox Collective in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan and curated by Padmini Ray Murray.

Digitalisation has found its way into every household and every business. It's no longer just mobile phones and tablets, it's now about artificial intelligence, smart homes, blended learning, online libraries, etc. How does this development change our cities, our apartments, how does it change our communication and consumer behaviour? 
smarter digital realties_Phase 1 © Sandbox Collective Smarter Digital Realities comprises of a series of on/offline workshops with input from facilitators/experts, encouraging participants to reflect on their relationship with the urban and to frame how experiences of the city have increasingly been mediated by the digital - at scale, or for the individual. 

Participants are encouraged to imagine the city and its imbrications with the digital under the rubric of five different themes:  sex, desire and the city; design and the city; work and the city; technology and the city; ecology and the city. 
sdr_residency phase1_2 © Sandbox Collective Phase I (Bangalore only): 30.08. - 04.09.2021 (Off/online)

Guest speakers:
Abhishek Sekharan & Ambika Tandon on Labour and the City
Nadika Nadja on Desire and the city
Rubaiya Nasrin on Design and the City
Sarover Zaidi on Design, Desire and the City 

Phase I (Bangalore, Dhaka, Mumbai, Pune): 4. - 6.10.2021 (Online)

Phase II (Bangalore, Dhaka, Mumbai, Pune): 7. - 10.10. 2021 (Online)

Participants from all four cities: 
Amulya B
Anokhi Shah
David De Menezes
Debangshu Moulik
Devika Sundar
Faiaz Rafid
Illesha Khandelwal
Jewel A Rob
Kanika Agarwal
Kruthika NS
Ria Rajan
Sadiya Marium
Simran Ankolkar
Sumanto Mondal
Talin Subbaraya
Tejas AP
Teresa A Braggs
Varun Kurtkoti
Yatharth Y
Yogesh Ramkrishna

Guest speakers / Facilitators: 
Jean Peters (Peng Collective, Berlin) 
Jonny-Bix Bongers (Director, Composer and Lyricist, Munich and Berlin)
Michaela Talwar (Harkat Studios, Mumbai)
Madhura Lohokare (O.P. Jindal University, Haryana)
Najmun Nahar Keya (Multidisciplinary Artist, Dhaka) 
Rupali Gupte (SEA, Mumbai)
Sarker Protick (Chobi Mela, Dhaka)
Trishla Talera (TIFA Working Studios, Pune)
Vishal Kumaraswamy (Artist & Curator, Bangalore)

Online Showcase Launch: December 3, 2021, 6 p.m. onwards