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Crossing borders and music genres
EXP___: Collaborative Music Exchange

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© Goethe-Institut

How can artists share new music and collaborate with each other when the entire world is on lockdown? EXP___ connected experimental musicians from Detroit, Berlin and the PACA region who then formed collaborations that may have otherwise never happened.


Von Nadia Says

After the first Covid lockdown in the spring of 2020, the Goethe-Institut Chicago, French Culture in the Midwest, and Your Mom’s Agency sought to create a creative sharepoint for artists in Berlin, Detroit, and the PACA Region in France. Using a Facebook group as platform, musicians of any experience level and any genre could share their experimental pieces in a first phase of three months, and then collaborate to create new pieces and share them as well with the rest of the community for the following three months.


Dare to share

Berlin, Detroit, and Marseille in the PACA Region have all three a very high ratio of creatives in their population, as well as noticeable socio-economic disparities and inclusivity issues. Artists who lack in status or encouragement from their surroundings tend to be shy about sharing their productions on bigger or international platforms. EXP__’s incentive of monthly prizes such as software from Ableton, Arturia, Native Instruments, and Orchestral Tools, awarded by a diverse international jury, and a well-moderated group, gave a feeling of a safer space and helped more than a few shy ones post their pieces and then encourage others to do so as well. This resulted in over 60 shared tracks or videos, and eight intercity collaborations created in the context of EXP__.

I am humbled to know my love and passion of true Detroit Techno became an inspiration to these great artists. In 2020, this project definitely made a huge, positive impact on the Detroit-Berlin culture and the artistic community around the globe.

Sean Tate, Member of EXP___


It’s a wrap… for now

To discover the variety of talents featured in EXP___, and learn more about how the project was lead from start to finish, watch the recap’ video. EXP___ strived to offer a positive break, connect talents of all means, from pro studios to the DIY scene, and it helped artists finding each other, support one another, and finally create together beyond borders, reminding us that music is a powerful means of support in challenging times and that it remains a universal language of comfort and hopeful energy.