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cultural and educational events & programs, intercultural dialogue, German language courses in Washington, D.C. and beyond

Shaping the Past / Gestaltung der Vergangenheit Photos © Ada Pinkston

Shaping the Past

How does the past take shape? What happens in the process of coming to terms with the past? What social repercussions are associated with the rooting of history in monuments and memorials? How can those narratives be shifted or upended through alternative, innovative approaches to memorialization? These questions and many others are at the center of our project, Shaping the Past.

Goethe on Demand © Filmgalerie 451

Stream German Films Online
Goethe on Demand

In cooperation with Filmgalerie 451, the Goethe-Institut presents a free online streaming program on Vimeo called Goethe on Demand, available until June 30, 2020. To obtain the promo code to watch, please fill out this form.

Bauhaus CCO

June 2020 Blended Learning Special Courses

A writing course for learners at the B1, B2 and C1 levels, as well as a conversation course about BAUHAUS, offer learners from across the USA a variety of opportunities to imrpve their German and learn something new. These Blended Learning courses include one online live group session per week together with learners from across the country. Enter promo-code summer2020 at checkout and save 20% on all Blended Learning courses beginning in June (case-sensitive; offers may not be combined).

 Grüne Kinderakademie © Goethe-Institut

Sustainability and German Language
Die Grüne Kinderakademie

A new online learning platform of insightful webinars about sustainability for students ages 7 to 18, presented by renowned scientists. Free of charge and accessible from home, Die Grüne Kinderakademie is an excellent opportunity for students to improve their German!