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Afro-Indigenous Futures – Reflections on (post-)colonial pasts, presents and futures

Kiana Ascension (2017)© Quentin VerCetty Lindsay

Tiohtià:ke, commonly known as Montréal is a historic gathering place for many First Nations. However, the city’s monuments and street names, mainly reflect the French and British colonization of the city – Black and Indigenous representation is missing in the cityscape. Our programming focuses on overlooked Black and Indigenous Montréal biographies and imagines possible urban Black Indigenous Futures for the city, through the healing, dream work and by means of imaginative world building. 

Monument Lab and Shaping the Past Fellow Quentin VerCetty uses augmented reality (AR), digital 3D-art and 3D-printing to address the absence of Black representation in public space. He will host an interactive AR walk, reimagining Montréal’s monuments by foregrounding neglected Black biographies.

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​​“Reflections on Dreaming and Black and Indigenous Futures” with Monument Lab fellow Alisha Wormsley, Suzanne Kite and Aline Baiana 

Featured Artists

Quentin VerCetty Lindsay Quentin VerCetty Lindsay is an award-winning, multidisciplinary visual griot (storyteller), artpreneur, art educator, activist, and an ever-growing interstellar tree based in Montreal, Canada. He is also co-founder and director of the Black Speculative Arts Movement, whose foundational work with second-wave Afrofuturism provides new, inclusive, and intersectional perspectives to reimagine public spaces. More about Quentin VerCetty Lindsay