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The locations: Budapest

Exhibition at the art quarter budapest (aqb) 2021 Photo: Barnabás Neogrády-Kiss

Techno Worlds in Budapest

The exhibition opening of TECHNO WORLDS on August 28, 2021, in Budapest at aqb / art quarter budapest marked the beginning of the exhibition's worldwide tour. It was on view at art quarter from 28 Augut to 3 Oct 2021.

Participating Artists: Chicks On Speed / Tony Cokes / Zuzanna Czebatul / Deforrest Brown, Jr. & AbuQadim Haqq / Aleksandra Domanović / Rangoato Hlasane / Ryōji Ikeda / Maryam Jafri / Robert Lippok / Lőrinc Borsos / M+M / Mamba Negra / Henrike Naumann & Bastian Hagedorn / The Otolith Group / Carsten Nicolai / Vinca Petersen / Daniel Pflumm / Sarah Schönfeld / Jeremy Shaw / Dominique White / Tobias Zielony
Documentaries: Jaqueline Caux, Romuald Karmakar and Lisa Rovner

Techno fashion and magazines of the ’90s: Kerstin Greiner
Curated by Mathilde Weh, Justin Hoffmann, Creamcake

Curator of the subproject from Sao Paolo: Camilo Rocha

Curation on site: Krisztián Kukla

The exhibition was supported by: NKA - National Cultural Fund of Hungary, EPSON, Korean Cultural Center, Csokonai Theater, Artoid Studio, ICA-D Institute of Contemporary Art